Identification of venomous bites and stings

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R K Gorea


Bites and stings on human beings are causing a lot of morbidity and mortality in human beings. Sometimes this is due to venom or allergic effects and at other times it is simply due to the fear that this may be venomous. The aim of this study is to identify the stings or bites on human beings. Bites by different animals and insects produce different kinds of wounds and identification of stings from the wound may be possible. Some of these also produce systemic effects too. These symptoms may help too in the identification of the biter or stinger and it can be found that the same is venomous or non-venomous. Examination of the agent causing these bites or stings too can help in its identification. Literature is reviewed to find out local findings, systemic findings due to toxicity or allergic reactions and examination of the venomous agents if available for examination. Identification of the causative agent will help to allay the fears if it can be identified that bite or sting is non-venomous. If it is venomous proper treatment can be initiated at the earliest. This will help to reduce mortality and morbidity.

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