Occipitalization and its clinical relevance: A case report

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Bindu Aggarwal
Rakesh K Gorea
Abhinav Gorea
Arshdeep Gorea


Occipitalization of the atlas or atlanto-occipital fusion is one of the osseous anomalies of the craniovertebral junction. This fusion may be partial or complete and can be due to failure in segmentation and separation of the most caudal occipital sclerotome and the first cervical sclerotome.We present a case report of complete occipitalization of the atlas which was observed during undergraduate teaching at Luxmi Bai Dental College, Patiala. Such an anomaly is of interest to anatomists, physicians, radiologists and neurologists as it can cause a variety of neurological symptoms. Occipitalization can cause sudden death and an antemortem record of such an anomaly can help in identification of the deceased. Hence, occipitalization can be of interest to the forensic investigators in establishing the identity of the deceased.

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Aggarwal, B., Gorea, R., Gorea, A., & Gorea, A. (2016). Occipitalization and its clinical relevance: A case report. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ETHICS, TRAUMA & VICTIMOLOGY, 2(02), 34-37. https://doi.org/10.18099/ijetv.v2i02.6860
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