The Vital Role of Forensic Nurses in Caring for Abused Children

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S U Santhosh
Dipti Shukla
Shwetha Rani CM


Child abuse is a pervasive and deeply troubling issue that affects millions of children worldwide. To protect the well-being of young individuals and ensure their safety, forensic nurses, trained in forensic science and healthcare, play a crucial role in caring for abused children through a multidisciplinary approach, as they are uniquely equipped to provide specialized care, collect valuable evidence, and advocate for the rights of abused children. Forensic nurses work collaboratively with a range of professionals involved in child abuse cases, including law enforcement, child protective services, pediatricians, and attorneys. They are also indispensable members of multidisciplinary teams working to protect children from abuse, and their contributions have a profound impact on the lives of these vulnerable individuals.

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Santhosh, S. U., Shukla, D., & CM, S. R. (2024). The Vital Role of Forensic Nurses in Caring for Abused Children. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ETHICS, TRAUMA & VICTIMOLOGY, 9(02), 29-32.
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