Risks, hazards and safety in mortuaries

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Mohammed Sarosh Khan
M Gulam Hasan
Rakesh K Gorea


Persons working in the mortuaries face numerous hazards and if proper precautions are not observed such persons can fall sick by the infectious agents. A review has been carried out to find out the various agents responsible for causing infection in the mortuaries. Practices in the mortuaries that can cause harm to the workers have also been reviewed. The various methods that can reduce or eliminate the chances of such infections and precautions to reduce the hazards in postmortem examination have also been reviewed.

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Khan, M., Hasan, M., & Gorea, R. (2020). Risks, hazards and safety in mortuaries. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ETHICS, TRAUMA & VICTIMOLOGY, 6(01), 40-50. https://doi.org/10.18099/ijetv.v6i01.7
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