The use of cartoons as a teaching tool to enhance student learning in Medical Jurisprudence

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Swapnil Paliwal
Shrikant Asawa
Shirish Sarangdhar


Background - Cartoons have been used effectively as a teaching tool in other settings and were considered as a potentially useful teaching aid. Medical Jurisprudence is one area which needs paramount attention in the present era of Consumer Protection Act and growing litigations against Medical Practitioners. This study examines the impact of cartoons in improving healthcare professional’s knowledge with regards to Medical Jurisprudence as desired by Medical Council of India, thereby addressing the equally important affection domain, in addition to cognitive and psychomotor domains. A very high percentage of students agreed that medical cartoons help in clarity of concept (99%), memory processing (98%), retention and learning (99%), in reproduction (86%), in generation of interest (100%), in focus (98%), in interaction (95%) and as an effective teaching tool (100%). Conclusion – Study suggested that students are interested in power point lectures with academic cartoons since they are effective teaching tool which helps in understanding the topic in abetter way and facilitates the clarity of the concept, generates interest, helps in retention and learning.

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Paliwal, S., Asawa, S., & Sarangdhar, S. (2018). The use of cartoons as a teaching tool to enhance student learning in Medical Jurisprudence. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ETHICS, TRAUMA & VICTIMOLOGY, 3(02), 32-36. Retrieved from
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